Regional Sunday times plan

For the convenience of residents and visitors alike these tiems cover all churches in the Atherton Tablelands region. The calendars update automatically from the diaries maintained by the parish offices and parish priest.

Sunday Mass times in the Atherton Tablelands

The following Liturgy times commence from the first Sunday of August 2017. For current details, see Liturgy Times.


Herberton: 5.30pm during December and January, and 5.00pm February to November.

Yungaburra: 5.30pm

Atherton: 6.00pm


Mount Garnet: 8.00am

Malanda: 8.30am

Atherton: 9.00am

Raveneshoe: 10.00am

Millaa Millaa: 10.30am

Easter and Christmas

See Easter and the calendar in Liturgy Times.