Roman Catholic Parish of Malanda (with Millaa Millaa)

At a glance

We have two churches, St James in Malanda, and St Rita of Cascia in Millaa Millaa. The Parish Office is located at 5 Monash Avenue, Malanda: ph: (07) 4096 5156. From July 2017 the care of the four parishes of the Atherton Tablelands was united under one parish priest; the main Parish Office is now in Atherton, 28 Mabel Street; ph (07) 4091 1125.

This site includes live calendars for the parishes of the Atherton Tablelands: please see under Calendars and Liturgy Times.

About us

The Parish of Malanda, in the Diocese of Cairns, Far-North Queensland, was established in 1959. Its boundaries have changed several times and now includes Millaa Millaa, and so it covers covers the south-eastern part of the Atherton Tablelands. Our main church is St James’ in Malanda; Millaa Millaa's church is St Rita of Cascia. The Parish Office, Parish Centre, and the Presbytery are located at 5 Monash Avenue; phone (07) 4096 5156.

In July 2017 the four parishes of the Atherton Tablelands, namely Herberton, Atherton, Ravenshoe and Malanda were placed under the care of one parish priest and one associate priest, headquartered in Atherton, 28 Mabel Street; ph (07) 4091 1125.

Parish Bulletin

A PDF copy of the most recent bulletin is available when possible.

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