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Yungaburra re-joins Malanda Parish – January 2021

Yungaburra is not and never has been a parish, but according to varying circumstances it has been attached to either the Atherton or Malanda parishes. It was re-assigned to Atherton in 2014, but was reassigned to Malanda in January 2021. The practical implications of this change will take some time to complete.

Covid-19 restrictions

Gatherings in our churches are subject to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions; these also apply to the priest, so his availability for Mass and other liturgies may be affected.

  1. Anyone who is unwell (even if only a Cold) must stay at home. This also applies to priests.
  2. Anyone who has been in contact with a known case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days must stay at home.
  3. Anyone being tested for Covid-19 and still awaiting results must stay at home.
  4. As much as possible keep physical spacing of at least 1.5m.

Number limits for attending services

Currently (March 2021) our churches can follow the occupancy density of 2 square meters per person, and “observe physical distancing to the extent possible”, that is, 1.5 meters between individuals or household groups. Accordingly our limits are: 60 in Malanda, 34 in Yungaburra, and 49 in Millaa Millaa.

Since most attendees have settled into regular patterns it is relatively easy to manage the numbers; for special situations prior registration may be needed. To register, please phone Fr Barry (4096 5156), Roger Goodwill (4096 8308), or Alban and Janice Hunt (4096 6304), or the Atherton Parish office during office hours (4091 1125). The record for each gathering must be kept for 56 days, then be destroyed. See the liturgy calendar for the schedule.

Weddings and Funerals

Although weddings and funerals may now have a higher limit in other venues, the same number restrictions as above apply in our churches.

Anyone who becomes unwell within 14 days of attending a wedding or funeral is to contact 13Health (1343 2584) or their General Practitioner.