St Rita of Cascia, Millaa Millaa

At a glance

We have two churches, St James in Malanda, and St Rita of Cascia in Millaa Millaa. The Parish Office is located at 5 Monash Avenue, Malanda: ph: (07) 4096 5156. From July 2017 the care of the four parishes of the Atherton Tablelands was united under one parish priest; the main Parish Office is now in Atherton, 28 Mabel Street; ph (07) 4091 1125.

About the church

21 Coral Street (corner of Coral and Oak Streets - see in a map). Fundraising was conducted from 1933 to build a church on land donated by the estate of H. S. Williams; the site was described as being at the junction of the Ravenshoe road—the main road is now quite some distance away. The church was designed by architect Mr. V. M. Brown, of Cairns, built by Mr. A. Simpson, also of Cairns, and blessed and opened Bishop John Heavey on Sunday 26 Sepember 1937. It was later extended.

Liturgy time

For three years Mass in Millaa Millaa has alternated between Saturday night and Sunday morning, thus: 7.30pm Saturday on weekends of the 2nd and 4th Sundays, and 10.30am on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays. Note that we count only the Sundays, never the Saturdays; Masses on Saturday evening are a Sunday Mass. From August 2017 it will be fixed at 10.30am every Sunday except Easter Sunday and Christmas.